Clothing Donations Appreciated!

GCT will be having a clothing donation drop off day on Saturday, June 26 from 10 am – 2 pm. We are asking for donations of items that could be frequently useful for productions and that are more difficult to come across when needed.  Modern clothing is readily available in actors’ closets so we do not need to keep these things in our collection.  If you are unsure if an item(s) is useful or is not listed, or if you would like to schedule an alternate date/time to drop off a donation, feel free to email us at

Highly useful:
–  FABRIC!  Best if at least 4 yards but as small as 1 or 2 yards is good.  That includes sheet sets that are in good condition.
–  Notions and trims: lace, ribbon, buttons, snaps, zippers, velcro
–  Crinolines/hoop skirts/slips
–  Men’s two and three piece suits
–  Women’s skirt suits in large sizes
–  Ladies dressy clothing in sizes over 12
–  Distinctive uniforms – cheerleader/nurse/maid, etc. We are good on military and choir.
–  Girl size dresses with these distinctions:  Victorian-inspired made from cotton/muslin/wool/floral/plaid/striped/plain print with a full skirt. Also sailor and drop-waist dresses in classic cuts and cloth.
–  Boy-size dressy clothes
–  Granny style boots
–  Dance shoes (tap, character, jazz and ballet of all colors and sizes)
–  Children’s dress shoes (oxfords, Mary Janes and other classic styles)
–  Gloves, wigs, hairpieces, hats
–  Vintage clothing
–  Coats
–  Cocktail dresses
–  Recital and Halloween costumes

We suggest that you donate to Goodwill/Salvation Army or charity of your choice any items that GCT cannot use such as:
–  Everyday clothes from the 80’s to present
–  Ladies pumps
–  Adult black oxfords
–  Sport coats and dress slacks (unless they are extra large or long in size)
–  Children’s play clothes


General Donations

The Galion Community Theatre is so grateful for the contributions from local community members and dedicated patrons. It is because of your donations and influence that our theatre prospers. We ask that you consider to maintain your support by committing to help outweigh theatre expenses.

Through the financial gifts from generous donors like yourself, we have successfully renovated a beautiful, historic building to house our productions, gathered numerous costumes and props, and consistently performed many shows over the past thirty years. As we continue to grow, so do our needs. Updating remaining, antiquated features within the theatre requires costly installments, and as we improve with each production, our initiative grows for more intricate lighting, better sound quality, and detailed sets.

Just as well, one of our primary objectives is to promote the arts within the community’s youth. Each year, the Galion Community Theatre offers a scholarship to a deserving local, college-bound graduate. In addition to the funds necessary to operate the theatre, we ask that you consider offering a donation to our scholarship fund.


Support Your Community

Your financial contributions empower the Galion Community Theatre to continue providing excellent productions for the local community.

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