Audition Requirements for The Rocky Horror Show

Welcome to The Rocky Horror Show auditions at GCT! Following, you will find specific audition requirements. Please feel free to reach out to either of the directors (Anna Matney,; Todd Price, if you have any questions or need assistance! We can’t wait to see you!

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Please come with Time Warp choreography prepared and rehearsed
Time Warp Choreography

Usherette, Magenta, and Columbia
Practice Track: 6) Science Fiction (50% Back Vocals)
Audition Track: 7) Science Fiction (No Back Vocals)
Lines: Cold Read

Practice Track: 14) Touch-a Me (50% Janet Vocals)
Audition Track: 13) Touch-a Me (No Janet Vocals)
Lines: Cold Read

Practice Track: 1) Dammit Janet (50% Brad Vocals)
Audition Track: 2) Dammit Janet (No Brad Vocals)
Lines: Cold Read

Riff Raff
Practice Track: 16) Frankenstein Place (50% Riff Raff Vocals)
Audition Track: 17) Frankenstein Place (No Riff Raff Vocals)
Lines: Cold Read

Frank ‘n’ Furter
Practice Track: 8) Sweet Transvestite (50% Frank ‘n’ Furter Vocals)
Audition Track: 9) Sweet Transvestite (No Frank ‘n’ Furter Vocals)
Lines: Cold Read

Practice/Audition Track: 15) The Sword of Damocles
Lines: Cold Read

Eddie and Dr. Scott
Practice Track: 4) Hot Patootie (50% Back Vocals)
Audition Track: 5) Hot Patootie (No Back Vocals)
Lines: Cold Read

Phantoms/Transylvanians (Ensemble)
Practice Track: Any of above tracks (ONLY if auditioning for ensemble only)
Audition Track: Any of above tracks (ONLY if auditioning for ensemble only)
Lines: Cold Read

Narrator (Non-Singing Role)
Practice Track: N/A
Audition Track: N/A

Lines: I would like - if I may - to take you on a strange journey. It seemed a fairly ordinary night when Brad Majors, and his fiance Janet Weiss …(two young ordinary healthy kids)... left Denton that late November evening to visit a Dr. Everett Scott, ex tutor and now friend to both of them…Its true there were dark storm clouds, heavy - black and pendulous - toward which they were driving, its true also that the spare tire they were carrying was badly in need of some air - but being normal kids and on a night out - well - they were not going to let a storm spoil the events of their evening. On a night out. (Thunder) It was a night out they were to remember (Thunder) for a very - long - time.

Upcoming Auditions
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The Galion Community Theatre looks for dedicated performers who are passionate about the performing arts. We welcome all to audition as we could not hope to execute these community productions without you. Auditions generally occur a month or two before show dates and may include the following exercises:


  • Cold reading - lines will be provided


  • Sight reading - music will be provided
  • Cold reading - lines will be provided

or at the director's discretion

  • Prepared vocal performance (16 measures)
  • Cold reading - lines will be provided

It is important that you arrive to auditions promptly with a general idea of which role(s) you would prefer. The process may take one to two hours depending on the needs of the production. If you have any further questions regarding the audition process, please contact us at (419) 468-2662 or

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